New Attendee Information

Attending an event for the first time can be a bit intimidating.  In the information below we will give you a bit of insight into the schedule of events, how things work with this event, and event some tips on how to make it the best event for you and your staff.

There are actually two  events going on concurrently at the  Pro Imaging Expo.  We have the Tournament, for golfers, and CONNECT for those that dont play golf and want just the education and networking.  

Both events are great on their own.  Combined they are even better.  But, dont feel like you have to be a part of both events if you dont want to.  The group combines nightly at the parties, receptions, keynotes, and after hours activities.  So, you will get plenty of networking in.  

First for new attendees, this event is a very open and free flowing event.  Its made for people to interact, meet, and communicate openly between attendees.  There will be a lot of communication and networking.  Come with an open mind and spirit.  The educational programs are meant to inspire and look into the future of Digital Imaging as a whole.  We steer away from any sales pitches, and focus on projection and content with a forward looking appeal.  Educational content for the CONNECT side is on Saturday and Sunday with a combined educational keynote on Saturday night.  Attendees of the CONNECT event, can attend both days of educational content, and the Saturday night keynote.  

For those interested in golf as well as educational content, we offer the Pro Imaging Tournament.  This golf outing is a 2 day scramble event with random drawing of teams on Sunday before the first day of play on Monday.  That being said, some come to the resort as early as Thursday prior to get “practice” rounds of golf in.  Tournament attendees have the option of attending any sessions of the CONNECT conference for no extra charge.  Some attend, and others simply network on the golf course with practice rounds.

The tournament is set up for a 2 day scramble.  Teams are randomly drawn on Sunday night at the Pairing Party.  Those teams consist of  A, B, C & D level players.  These levels fluctuate based on the attendees of the year, but in terms everyone can identify with:  A players typically are your hardcore golfers, B players are your average to good golfers that play regularly, C players are your golfers that maybe play a round or two each year, and like the game, but maybe struggle with it.  D players are your players that like the game, but maybe dont get to play much if any over the course of the year, and mainly this event is their main golfing outlet.

We have many types of attendees, from scratch golfers to the golfer who rarely picks up a club, but likes to network, and hang out with industry individuals.

Each night of both the CONNECT event and the Tournament, there are opportunities to network with like individuals.  Gatherings nightly to enjoy cocktails and entertainment are frequent and last long into the evening….be ready.

The pool area is a great space to relax with everyone as well.  Most take the down time between educational content, and or golf rounds to relax by the pool until the next reception or event takes place.  This is a great time to enjoy the warm weather and meet some of the spouses of attendees.

Monday night is the only open night for dining.  Every other night there are hosted events for everyone to eat and drink at.  Typically on Mondays, people make reservations at one of the fine dining establishments, and or join one of the sponsoring companies as a guest for dinner.

Tuesdays awards banquet is the end to it all, but the trophies, prizes, cash, drinks, food and more make it the celebration to end all celebrations.

Overall this event has something for everyone.  Warm weather, open  and sharing industry individuals, top level staff from sponsoring companies, drinks, education, golf, food, you name it and its probably take care of.  Simply register your one nights deposit, put in your arrival date and departure date (you have to be at the event for the Sunday night pairing party and the Tuesday night awards banquet, other than that extra days are optional) and we will take care of reserving your room, and making sure you have the luxury accommodations you deserve.  Pretty much everything else is taken care of.  If you still have questions after all this, feel free to email us at and we can answer any questions you might have.