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“Why I'm Buying the Sony Alpha 9 III”

Ever since portrait and sports photographer Matt Hernandez (@MattHernandez) switched to Sony, he’s used a variety of Sony Alpha cameras to create his dynamic sports imagery. Now with the release of the Sony Alpha 9 III camera, equipped with the world’s first global shutter image sensor, he says he plans on using it as his main camera from here on out. In this YouTube video, Hernandez shares his top reasons why he’s buying the Sony Alpha 9 III.

1. Global Shutter

Hernandez first obviously states the global shutter as his main reason to need this camera. “If you pan too quickly, at a football game for example, ... [w]henever a pass goes down the field ... then the background can bend. When the sensor is read at once, with the [A9 III] global shutter, that will never be a problem again.”

2. 120 FPS

Hernandez also lists shooting at 120 frames per second as a reason and the way he is able to easily enable it on the Sony Alpha 9 III with a button on the outside of the camera.“That means you can be shooting at 20 frames per second, 30 frames per second, and there might be a great moment happen in the middle of the game where you want that 120 frames per second but you don’t have time to go into the menu and switch it. All you have to do is press that button and it will enable it for however long you press down.”

3. LCD Screen

Regarding the Sony Alpha 9 III’s back LCD screen, Hernandez calls out the 4-axis multi-angle LCD monitor and how it allows him to easily see what he’s shooting from all angles. “This to me is the perfect back screen. It goes anywhere you need it to.”

4. Video & Tracking 

He also likes the various tracking options available on the Sony Alpha 9 III, and he explains them more in the video. He likes that you can use the AF On button to track a specific subject until they go out of the frame. “It’s really cool and it changed everything for me.”

See more of Matt Hernandez’s videos on his YouTube Channel and on Instagram @MattHernandez.


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Flash Forward: Why This Pro Says The Sony Alpha 9 III Will Change The World For Photographers

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