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Why A Pro Adventure Photographer Calls This Little Lens Her Powerhouse

When adventure photographer L. Renee Blount (@urbanclimbr) is exploring the outdoors, she often needs gear that limits the variables so she can focus on safely and successfully creating. The Sony 35mm f/2.8 lens is light, small and easy to take with her wherever she goes. In this short video she gives a great rundown on why she calls the lens a powerhouse and what makes it one of her favorites.

“It’s just a lot friendlier.”

Approaching your subject with a smaller form factor camera and lens combination can make for a much more comfortable experience, and that’s one reason why Blount likes to use it. “Oftentimes people can be really intimidated, and so this one is super compact and it’s just a lot friendlier. If you’re unsure about the environment that you’re in, people are not intimidated by this huge, mega lens and it’s really powerful. You can do a lot with it.”

“It limits the variables.”

If you’re just starting out with content creation and learning how to get out and use your camera, Blount says this is an excellent starter lens because it’s uncomplicated. “This lens, if you’re newer, I highly recommend because it limits the variables,” she says. “You’re not worrying about the zoom, all the other functions. You can really just concentrate on learning and working with your subject and learning how to use and operate the camera really, really well. I was using this and some other prime lenses when I first started out and I was able to land some commercial jobs just by learning how to be really effective with lenses just exactly like this one.”

Learn more about the Sony 35mm f/2.8 lens HERE.

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